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Obstacle course

I love creating obstacle courses. It does not take many efforts or much time to oganise an obstacle course which is a lot of fun and it surely super useful thing as it develops gross motor skills of a child by means of a game.
As soon as the obstacle course is ready the most important thing is the rules. I try to put it clear and short what the kids are expected to do and how. And I have to make sure that they get it right.
This time the rules sounded like this:

You should go all the way to the little house with a ball in your hands.
As soon as you're in the little house you should throw the ball out of the window so that to set it into the basket.
Then you get yourself out through the window too and get the ball.
Then you straddle this little chair and throw the ball again. The ball should rest between the legs of the reverted little stool like this (show it).
After that you pick it up to set it into the buggy to give it a tour round the tennis table.
And that is the finish of the course.
Do you want to have one more round?

The kids go rounds and rounds and if it is too easy I can ask to do the same thing on their tiptoes or walking backwards or even with eyes closed. It depends on the age of a child. This time I have two kids: a boy who is five and a girl who is two and a half. The boy needs the rules to be updated while the girl is just encouraged to perform it in her way.

Many thanks to Anastasia 
Borisova and her project http://englis4.me/

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